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Entertainment Zones

Kankaria: A Destination of Complete Entertainment

Karikaria lake is beautified and modernised as an entertainment area by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation under 'Kankaria Lakefront Development Project'

It is pleasant to take a stroll round Kankaria lake.A new attraction - mini train ride "Atal Express" at the cost of 8 crores rupees, is available here. The locomotive engine and four coaches are purchased from Britain. The railway track of four kilometer and Railway station of 70 meter length is made here. Balvatika and Zoo are also modernised. Kankaria is an entertainment spot for. The visitors of all age groups.

Kamla Nehru Zoo of Ahmedabad is famous in India. This zoo started in 21 acres land in the vast hill garden area opposite to Kankaria lake in 1951. Today, it has developed into a full fledged zoo. Rubin David deserves credit for its development.The procreation of some of the animals in this zoo are taken note at the interational level.

Chacha Nehru Balvatika, a children's park is situated in front of full size bust of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, opposite to Kankaria lake. Balvatika has a boat house, playroom, mirror, toy house and planetarium. Besides it, there is an amusement and water park called Jaldhara.

One Tree Hill Garden is opposite to Kankaria lake. There was a tree on its peak. When the garden was developed, it became famous as "One Tree Hill" garden. The tombs of the Dutch and the Armenians add beauty to garden.

Matsya Bhavan is an aquarium with modern architechture on the opposite side of the gate of Naginawadi near Kankaria lake. It is named "Matsyabhavan". This aquarium is visited by a great number of visitors.

Tethered Helium Balloon Ride,now first time in India is available at football ground, Kankaria for the public.They can have great experience of viewing the city from 300 feet height.

Science City

To create awareness about science and technotology and to develop interest and attitude for scientific activities,Science City is a established by Gujarat Government. Scientific principles are made easy for people to understand through entertainment. Science City is spread in 107 hectare at Hebatpur village on Sola- Santej Road. The first phase of its development is about to complete.

IMAX - 3D Theatre is established in Science City for tB7 first time in India. The screen of the theatre is as tall as eighty- storeyed building. The size of the picture screen is 10 times larger than 35 mm projectors.

Science Pavilion: To explain the principles of physics, chemistry, biology etc in a simple way, various designs are made in it.

Pavilion of Space and Communication is raised to explain the principles of space and communication. The visitors get an opportunity to learn about the functions of satellite, mobile phone system, internet and satellite communication.

Many other pavilions and parks such as Energy Life Science, Planetarium, Earth station, LED screen and children's gallery etc. are raised here. There is an amphitheatre with a capacity of 1200 spectators. The biggest Dancing Musical Fountains of India are made with the use of light and sound.

Science City Village Hebatpur, Sola-Santej Road,
Ahmedabad -382481.
Ph.: 55222127/29
Timings: 2.00pm to 11.00pm
Imax 3D: 9898029617, 65220111

Ahmedabad Gose To Movies

Film is also an important mode of entertainment. Hindi films are more popular than Gujarati films. They have a special attraction among the spectators. in place of traditional theatres, the modem theatre like Drive-in-Cinema and other multiplexes attract the spectators more.

Sunset - Drive-in-Cinema

Among the places of entertainments in Ahmedabad, we can include Drive-in-Cinema because we can enjoy a film along with picnic. The semi-circular ramps to accommodate 703 cars are made on the campus. After parking the car on a ramp, you can fix speaker with the car.

The screen of Drive-in-Cinema is very large. Its length is 63 feet and 142 feet wide.On the opposite side of the screen at a distance, there is a canteen. There is another auditorium for the spectators without cars. About six thousand spectators can enjoy the film at a time. People visit Drive-in-Cinema even in the rainy season. Drive-in-Cinema is a special attraction for the visitors.


The multiplex like 'City Gold' at Dipali cinema and 'Fun Republic' followed construction of City Pulse of Gandhinagar And then a trend of building multiplexes continued. Gradually, other attractions were added to the multiplex. There are facilities like Video games, Book shops, Food counters and Audio-video shops under the same roof. Now the number of traditional theatres is decreasing and attraction for multiplexes is increasing.

Gujarati Theatre

A class of citizens of Ahmedabad is interested in Gujarati plays. Many organizations like Rang Mandal, IPTA(Indian People Theater Association), Bharat Natyapeeth, Nat Mandal etc. were very active in this field. An actor called Jayshankar Bhojak played the role of 'Sundari', a beautiful young woman character in the play "Saubhagya Sundari" so efficiently that he got the nickname "Sundari" and it got associated with his name forever.

Clubs and Resorts

The first club of Ahmedabad, namely "Gujarat Club" started on 18th March 1888, situated opposite to Congress House in Lal Darwaja area. The first meeting between Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Gandhiji took place here. Ahmedabad Gymkhana started in 1895. The trend of club culture started in Ahmedabad with the start of Sports Club in 1965. This Club has given well- known billiard players like Geet Shethi and Rupesh Shah. Rajpath Club was established in 1976.The most beautiful club of Ahmedabad, Karnavati Club is functioning since 1994. This is perhaps, the biggest Club of India. The Rifle club has very old establishment with different aim and objectives. Also, here are many known resorts in the city.

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