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25 Feet Long Dosa

Sankalp restaurant made a Dosa of 25 feet and secured its position in the Guiness Book of World Records. There are people in this city who can spend Rs. 5000/- for a Dosa. This special Dosa is prepared by 16 cooks by 7 kilos of ghee, 7 kilos of Khiru and 16 gasburners beneath the frying pan. About thirty people can satisfactorily eat such a Dosa

Eating Joints

Amdavadis are real epicureans i.e. they believe in enjoying quality food and drink. They are found of different menus and dishes. You can taste variety of delicacies in Ahmedabad, yet "Gujarati Thali" is very popular. Let us know about "Gujarati Thali".

Gujarti Thali

Gujaratis are vegetarians. They eat simple food but it has a great variety. Gujarati food include sweets, dal-rice, roti, vegetables, cereals, 'farsan', 'Papad', raitu, curd, salad, chutney, pickles, green chilles and a glass of buttermilk. Jain dish is prepared without onion and garlic.

All the items of food are served in a big round, metal plate caled 'Thali', and the vegetables are served in bowls.

'Gujarati Thali' means a common dish of Gujarati. We can get Gujarati Thali in almost all good restaurants of the country. The reason behind that is Gujaratis are spread all over the country and they are voracious travellers.

The credit goes to old restaurants like 'Chandravilas', 'Laxmivilas' and 'Chetna' to popularize Gujarati Thali.

These days we find Rajasthani touch in gujarati Thali. Rajasthanis have opened their restaurants in almost all areas of Ahmedabad. We find restaurants serving Gujarati Thali 'Toran' and 'Purohit', on Ashram Road; 'Pakwan' opposite to V.S.Hospital, Atithi in Bodakdev, Sasuji on C.G.Road, 'Rasashri' in Maninagar, 'Rasvatika' in Naranpra and 'Gopi' near V.S.Hospital.

Chandravilas Restaurant

Chimanbhai Joshi of Rajasthan started a restaurant on Gandhi Road in the memory of his father in 1900. Tea and snacks were served in the beginning. Eventually Fafda and Jalebi of Chandravilas became popular. Even today, popole visit Chandravilas to taste its Fafada and Jalebi.


A village-like restaurant 'Vishala' was established by an interior designer Surendra Patel. This restaurant is very popular among the tourists & NRI for its traditional Gujarai Thali served on leaf plates with a sitting arrangement on the floor, accompanied by folk dance, music and puppetry. The menu include bhakri, rotlas, pickles, chutney, fresh butter and buttermilk. It is a unique experience to have meals in a typical environment, quite different from the routine life.


The ambience of the restaurant is a typical village of Rajasthan having chotaras, temple and pandal. Along with the sitting arrangement on the floor, there is an arrangement for dining tables also. The puppet show and other folk arts are displayed here. The book shop here is also unique.


Renowned caterer Gordhan Maharaj started Thali restaurant with his name 'Gordhan Thal'. It is very popular eating joint for celebrating occasions.


Abhay Mangaldas started a restaurant called Agashiye on the terrace of heritage bungalow of Sheth Mangaldas Girdhardas in 1997. This place has become favourite among the wealthy people and Important guests because meals are served on the terrace under the open sky, amidst lights of the city all around.


Havmor is popular in Gujarat for its ice-cream. But it is equally popular for its Punjabi dish Chanapuri. They serve a puri of the size of a plate along with pickles and fried grams.

Patang Restaurant

This is a unique revolving restaurant with 200 feet height from where you can view the entire city while enjoying food.

Mirch Masala

Rushad Ginwala instroduced colourful taste in eatery. His mirch masala is good choice for vegetarian and non-vegetarians, Punjabi food with an ambience of bollywood and street-side dhaba. The delicacies are attractive making the dining experience memorable.

From Bhagwati Chat to The Grand Bhagwati

Narendra Somani started his business with 'Delhi Chat' at a restaurant called 'Bhagwati Chat' near Panchvati in 1989.� The present form of the restaurant is T.G.B. The Somani brothers started a big hotel on S.G.Road called "The Grand Bhagwati" in 2002. The hotel has pillarless banquet hall which is the biggest of its kind in Gujarat.

Other Restaurants

There are many restaurants where continental dish is served like Ciba, Tomatoes, Bavarchi, T.G.B., Copper-Chimney, Lufta, Swati Snacks and Sukan. The interior of theme base "Jungle Bhookh" is attractive. There are many restaurants of the city where the visitors can stay and enjoy the food also.

Non Vegetarian Food

Non-vegetarian can try at Motimahal, Court Hyderabadi, Decet Hotel, Simrans, ZK, Khaiber etc. Bhatiyargali near Teen Darwaja is very popular for Muslim cuisine specialities. R.K. omlet is famous for various egg recepies. Its owner, Rajubhai started R.K. egg eatery restaurant on Polytechnic Road.

Old and New Fast Foods Joints

Gujaratis like tasty foods. Every vendor of spicy chevda prepares fafda-chutney also. Oswal group is leading in this regard. On the occasion of Dashera, Fafda and Jalebi are relished by everyone .

An area called Navtad on Gheekantha is famous for Samosas, in triangular shape. Punjabi Samosas of 'Azad Halwai' of Relief Road are also very famous. The plates of Azad' s Puri-shak are popular among service class people.

Amdavadis are very fond of, bhajiyas(Pies). Raipur Bhajiya House is very popular among the mill labourers and other common people. In the same way Dalwada of Khadawala near Gujarat college is also famous.

Ohter popular items are Panipuri, Bhilpuri and Dahichat. Panipuri vendors are invariably foun at every nook and corner. Females are very fond of Panipuris. Some of them enjoy it under the pretext of going out to purchase vegetables. Maharaj-na-Gathia sold at Gheekanta Road and 'Gathia Rath' at Nehrunagar are very popular.

"Das-na-Khaman", situated opposite to Municipal Kotha, is again very popular. People believe that Gujaratis are the one who eat Khaman and Dhokalas. 'Amiri Khamani' sold near stadium is very tasty. "Amdavadi Chavanu" has its own specialist. "Juna Sher Bazaar-nu-Chavanu' has become a brand name. People of Ahmedabad take Induben's Khakhra as breakfast in the morning. The lorries selling 'Dabeli', a Kachchhi variety is found everywhere these days.

Almost everywhere we find the lorries seling 'Pav-Bhaji'. the restaurant called "Honest Bhaji Pav" at Law Garden as well as in Manekchowk are famous for Bhaji Pav. There are about a dozen branches of Honest Bhaji-Pav in the city. 'Old Madrasi Brahmania restaurant' in the lane of Bhadra court is an old and well known South Indian Restaurant. The credit goes to Chetna Restaurant for making Masala Dosa, Idli, Upma and other South Indian dishes popular in Ahmedabad. Many ohter restaurants such as Woodland, Sankalp, Dasaprakash and Coconut Groove are popular for South Indian delicious.

Italian variety Pizza was earlier available at 'Hasty Tasty' and' 'Choice'. But today we may get pizza at 'Dominos', 'Pizzahut' and 'U.S.Pizza' of international standard. First vegetarian Pizza Hut in the world opened here. Moveover, we can get Jain Pizza also. In the same way fastfoods of 'Mac Donald' are available in the city. Now the items like 'Hotdog' and 'Burger' are very popular among the common people. Chinese items like chopsi, manchurian and noodles as well as Mexican items are available, in the city. There is a restaurant called 'Salad Eatery' where a variety of salads is available. The restaurant called "Subway" is also present in the city.

Hotel Crown of Ahmedabad has figured in the Guiness Book of World Record. It has the largest menu of vegetarian food with 1135 items.

Sweet Shops

'Kandoi-ni-pol' was once famous for sweet shops. Earlier there were 70 to 80 sweet shops. At present there are 5 to 6 sweet shops run on hereditary basis. Among them the shop of 'Bhogilal Mulchand' and 'Jayhind' Sweet Shop are leading in the city. People are mad after mohanthal and magas sold at these shops.


Ice-cream has become a regular feature of Amdavadis. They never take into consideration any season or price. They take ice-cream whenever they like to have it. Children, young and old eat Ice-cream delightfully. Ice-cream of Vadilal and Havmor are prominent in Ahmedabad.

Vadilal Ice-Cream

Vadilal Ice-cream is popular in every home. Laxmanbhai Gandhi started an ice cream shop named 'Vadilal Ice-cream Fountain' near Teen Darwaja in 1942. Vadilal Ice-cream industries was modernised in 1993. Today Vadilal Icecream has covered a big share in the Ice-cream market of Ahmedabad.

Havmor Ice-Cream

The birth place of popular 'Havmor' Icecream is - Karachi in Pakistan. Its founder, Satischandra Chonana came to India during partition and started selling ice-cream in a four wheeled hand driven lorry in front of Ahmedabad Railway station in 1951. He started Havmor Restaurant in 1953 near Rupam Theatre on Relief Road. Today there are several branches of Havmor Ice-cream Parlour in the city.

Besides these, there are many other ice-cream parlours in the city such as Patel, Janta, Classic, Amul etc.

Shoda Shop

Vadilal Icecream rolled out its business initially with the opening of Soda Fountain shop. the beginning of the soda shop under the name of Gandhi 1869 in the Ghatlodia area of Ahmedabad was started by Ashwin joshi in May 2009. Within very less time, more than 60 soda shops were opened in different areas where one can enjoy varieties of soda from Rs. 1/- to 6/-.

Tea and Coffee Shops

The 'cutting' tea of Lucky tea stall at Lal Darwaja is popular among the common people. Shambhu's Tea in the university area is popular among the students. There is a new place called 'Tea-mood' near Memnagar Fire Station at Vijay Char Rasta. For Amdavadis who love to take half cup of tea at Kitley, many new expensive Tea-Coffee shops have started in the city. There are about ten outlets of Coffee Day. The craze for Cafe culture is increasing in the city. Many modern Cafes like Barista, Desert Night, Arabian Nights, Nirvan Lounge-9, Cafe Natrani, Mint Cafe etc are very well known in the city. There are many the me based cafes also.


401, Iscon Arcade,
Nr. Lal Bungalow,C.G. Rd,
House of M. G., Opp. Sidi
Saiyed Mosque, Lal Darwaja,
Ph. :25506946/8281-82.
Ame Gujarati
Opp. Sindhu Bhavan
Bodakdev, Off S. G. Highway,
Ph. : 29096822.
Mohini, Judges Bungalow Rd,
Ph.: 26858806,3291029.
Gordhan Thal
Opp.Rajpath Club, Shapath
Bldg, S. G. Highway, Ahd-55.
Ph. : 66318506-8606.
Nr. Judges Bunglow Rd,
S. G. Highway, Ahd-54.
Ph. :26873290.

Ellisbridge, Ashram Rd,
Ahd. Ph. : 26583350-51.
B/h AmbajiTemple, Nr.Jivraj
Toll Naka, Jivraj park, Ahd-7.
Ph. : 26643845.
Sasuji Dining Hall
Opp. Lal Bungalow,C .G. Rd,
Ph. :26405065-66.
Shree Mangalya
R-3 Mall,Opp. Manav Mandir,
Drive-in Rd, Ahd.
Ph.: 30122288.
Opp. Vasna Tollnaka, Vasna,
Ph. :26602422/0919.
Dasa Prakash
MarutiCrystal, S. G. Highway,
Opp. Rajpath Club, Ahd-54.
Ph. :26873333.
Mysore Masala
B/s Rajpath Club, S. G. Highway,
Ph. : 26861750
Gokul Complex,
Drive-in Road, Ahd-52.
Ph. :27499200

S. G. Highway, Ph. :26861999.

Wide Angle Theatre.
Ph. : 26922232.

Samir Bldg, C. G. Rd.

North Indian

S. G. Highway, Ahd.
Hotel Grand Bhagwati,
S. G. Highway, Ahd.
Ph. : 26841000/0741.
Advait Mall, Nr. Sandesh Press,
Ph. : 32941814
Bwing, Shivalik Plaza, IIM Rd,
Ahd: Ph. :32992424/2525.
Akshar Arcade,
Opp Memnagar Fire Station,
Ahd - 52. Ph. : 65451506, 26466000.
Gota, S G Highway,
Nr. Hathi Mandir, Ahd-55.
Ph. : 02717- 241440/41.
(m): 9426171155.
Rudra Square Buld,
Judges Bungalow Cross Rd,
Bodakdev, Ahd-14.
Ph. : 26878905/3655.
Jungle Bhookh
Wall Street Building,
Opp. Oriental Club, Ellisbridge,
Ph. :26408200.
Fortune Landmark Hotel,
Usmanpura, Ashram Rd,
Ph.: 39884444.
Mirch Masala
Sumel Complex, Opp. GNFC
Tower, S. G. Highway, Ahd.
Ph. : 26853200, 65222566.
Tanduri Bytes
Platinum Plaza, Judges
Bunglow Rd, Ahd.
Ph. :40040055.
The Cooking Culture
B/h Rajpath Club,
Off S. G. Highway, Ahd-59.
Ph. : 65499695.
The Gateway Hotel Ummed
Nr. International Airport Rd,
Ph. : 66661234.


G/F, City Square Complex,
Nr. Jhanvi Restaurant,
University Rd,
Ph. : 65416702.
Apple 9
Judges Bungalow Rd,
Bodakdev, Ahd.
Dwarkesh Complex,
Nr. Klassic Gold Hotel,
Navrangpura, Ahd-9.
Ph. :26560054-55.
Cafe Landmark
Fortune Hotel Landmark,
Usmanpura Cross Rd, Ahd.
Ph. : 39884444.
Cafe Upper Crust
Aarohi Complex,
Opp. Maharaja Palace,
Vijay Cross Rd, Ahd.
Ph. : 27912778 / 3821.

Nr. Vastrapur Lake,
Ph. : 26850150.
Nr. Girish Colddrink,
Shital Varsha Arcade,
C. G. Rd, Ahd-9.
Prime Plaza, NFD Circle,
Bodakdev, Ahd-54.
Ph. : 26850354.
Shivalik Arcade, Opp. Auda
Garden, Nr. Anandnagar Cross Rd, Ahd-15.
Ph. : 26933800/3400.
Cambay Sapphire,Jivraj Park
Cross Rd, Ahd.
Ph. :2682800l.
La Feasta
401, Crystal Arcade, C. G. Rd,
Ph. :30083025
La Fontaine
Hotel Royal Highness,
Nr. Sidi Saiyed Jali, Lal
Darwaja; Ahd.
Ph. :25507450/7982-83
La Vista
Cama Hotel, Nr. Nehru Bridge,
Khanpur Rd, Ahd-15.
Ph. : 25601234
Gallops Mall,
B/h Iscon Temple, Ahd.
Nr. Apollo Hospitals,
Nr. Indira Bridge, Bhat,
Ph. :23969201/80.
Neelkanth Patang
Nr. Chinubhai Tower, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ahd-9.
Ph. :26586300/6800.
Fortune Landmark Hotel,
Usmanpura, Ahd.
Ph. : 39884444
Maradia Plaza, C. G. Rd,
Panchavati, Ahd.
Ph. : 26461998/26566129.
1/F, Rangoli Complex,
Opp. V. S. Hospital,
Ellisbridge, Ahd-7.
Ph. : 26575808 / 26581059.
Kobe Sizzeler
Surmount Complex,
Opp. Iscon Mall, S. G. Highway,
Ph. : 26862473.
Lounge 9
5, Shivalik Plaza,
Opp, AMA, ATIRA Rd, Ahd.
Ph. : 32980958.
TC's- The Lounge
GF, Akash Ganga, B/h Gujarat
College, Next to Art Palace,
Ellisbridge, Ahd.
Trist- The Lounge
Nr. Rajpath Club, S. G. Highway,
Ahd. Ph.:32994242.

Special Dishes

Domino's Pizza
2,Sachet l, Off C G Rd,
Ahd. Ph. : 26462636.
Paldi. Ph. : 26638931.
SG High, Ph. :26862444.
Maninagar. Ph. :25460444.
Cellad Eatery
City Square Bldg,
Nr. Jhanvi Restaurant,
Gujarat Uni. Rd, Ahd-15.
Ph. : 26305533.
Mc Donalds
Rudra Point,
Nr. Fun Republic, SG Highway, Ahd .
Ph. : 32917724.

Himalaya Mali. Ph. : 32984844.
Raipur. Ph. :32928548.
Pizza Hut
G/F3, Shapath Bldg.
Nr.Hotel Grand Bhagwati,
S. G. Highway, Ahd.
Ph. : 66308255
Shri Krishna Complex,
Navrangpura, Ahd-9.
Uncle Sam's Pizza
Nr. Swastik Cross Rd,
C. G. Rd, Navrangpura, Ahd-9.
Ph. : 26444555
U.S. Pizza
Shapath III, S. G. Highway,

Fast Food - Snacks

24 Carat
Inder Residency Hotel,
Opp Gujarat College,
Ellisbridge, Ahd-6.
Ph. : 26565222.
Chills Frills Thrills
20, Municipal Market,
C. G. Rd, Ahd.
Ph. : 26861750.
Municipal Market, C. G. Rd,
Ph. : 26565450.
Ek One Uno
SHG House
Vijay Cross Rd, Ahd.
Ph. : 26400772.
Freeze Land
Silicon Tower, Law Garden,
Ahd. Ph. : 26402318
Stadium Complex,
Navrangpura, Ahd-9.
Ph. : 26403355.
White House, Panchwati,
Ahd-15. Ph. : 2644217l.

Circle P Complex,
Prahladnagar, Ahd-15.
Ph. : 29296679.

Nr. Sun N Step Club, Sola
Road, Ahd. Ph. : 27451849.

Corporate House, Judges
Bungalow Rd, Ahd-54.
Ph. :26858244.

Antarix Complex,
Panjrapol, Ahd.

Parth Enterprise,
Maninagar, Ahd-8.
Ph. : 25461813.
Real Sugar & Spice
Mahalaxmi Shop Centre,
Opp. Kaushambhi Flats,
Ph. :26650137.
Seva Cafe
4th Flr, Shopper Plaza,
Opp. Municipal Mkt,
C. G. Road, Ahd-9.
Swati Snacks
Opp. Law Garden, Ellisbridge,
Ph. : 26405900.
The Green House
The House of MG,
Opp.Sidi Saiyed Mosque,
Lal Darwaja, Ahd-1.
Ph. : 25506899.
Wah Pizza & Bhel House
13, Municipal Market, Navrangpura, C. G. Rd,
Ahd-9. Ph. :26467029.

Sweets, Namkeen & Farsan

Anurag Purohit Namkeen & Sweets
10, Municipal Mark, C. G. Rd,
Navrangpura, Ahd.
Ph. : 26465381.
Nehrunagar Circle,
Satellite Rd,Satellite,
Ahd-15.(m): 9974059908.
Ph. : 26303803.
Das Farsan Products
Opp. AMC, Danapith, Ahd.
Ph. :22142163
Das Farsan Products
Opp. AMC, Danapith, Ahd.
Ph. :22142163
Das Khaman House
2, Trade Centre, Stadium Rds,
Ph. : 65416472
Gwalia Sweets
Trade Centre, Stadium Five Rd,
Navrangpura, Ahd.
Ph. :26560113, 26431895.
Jai Hind Sweets
Stadium Cross Rd,
Navrangpura, Ahd.
Ph. : 26468686.
Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand
5715,Kandoi Pol,
Manek Chowk, Ahd.
Ph. : 22146243

Ashram Rd,
Ph. :26581222,26586142
Raipur Bhajiya House
Raipur Darwaja, Ahd-1.
Ph. :22148162.
1, Sagun Place, Shivranjani
Cross Rd, Ahd.
Ph. :26763511.
Navrangpura, Ahd-9.
Ph. :26906611.

Ice Cream

Asharfi Kulfi IceCream Pvt. Ltd.
22,23, Goyal Tower, Panjara
Pole, Cross Rd, Ahd.
(M): 9825067480,9925171444
Classic Ice cream
34, Chaitanya Society,
Stadium Rd,Ahd.
Ph. :26465876.
Many outlets are found every where.
Natural Ice cream
B/ s Crossword Book Store,
Shri Krishna Centre,
Mithakhali, Ahd.
Ph. : 26403252.
New Girish Cold Drinks
Neptune Towers,
Opp. Nehru Bridge,
Ashram Rd, Ahd.
Ph. :26584242.
Patel Ice cream
Ambuja House, Nr. H. L.
Commerce College,
Ishwar Bhuvan, Ahd.
Ph. : 26426124,65210676.
Vadilal's Happinezz
Many Outlets through out City

Tea/Coffee Shops

Vijay Cross Rd, Ahd-9.
Ph. : 40046886.
Buddy Lee
Above Lee Showroom,
Swastik Cross Rd,
C. G. Rd, Ahd-9.
Cafe Coffee Day
Shri Krishna Centre,
Mithakhali Six Rd, Ahd-9.
Ashram Rd, Ph. : 65121105.
Shyamal, Ph. :65120058.
Panchvati, Ph. : 32934793.
Judges Bung. Rd. Ph.: 64507900.
Uni. Rd, Ph. : 32929435.
S.G. Highway, Ph. : 65442612.
Drive-in Rd, Ph. : 65442180.
Cafe J Gateway Hotels
International Airport Circle,
Ph. : 66661234.
Cafe Piano
Hotel Grand Bhagwati,
S. G. Highway, Ahd.
Ph. : 26841000/0741.
Cambay Cafe
Cambay Sapphire,
Nr. Jivrajpark Overbridge,
Ph. : 26828001.
Mr Bean
ATP Arcade, Law Garden,
Ph. : 65442720.
24/7 All Day Dining
The Metropole Hotel,
Subhash Bridge Corner,
Ph. : 30130200.

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